• It is hard to describe how Calvin's knowledge and skills achieve such incredible outcomes for me and my family!   It is easy however, to describe how amazing you feel after just 1 session!  It is so life-changing that you become addicted to attending and want to keep him as your "hidden secret."
    Calvin is truly "The Body Whisperer!"  My husband and I are afforded the ability to grow older by number but not by mind, body or spirit.  My son, a Taekwondo athlete, is afforded the flexibility, strength, physicality, and mental courage to achieve International and National competitive success.
    Donna Allen
    Donna Allen Client since 2012
  • My words will not accurately describe Calvin Fleming and Labor of Love.   He changed my life...I went from a person who truly couldn't walk without severe pain (horrific plantar fasciitis).  We planned vacations around my inability to walk.  I would write in my journal, "Very.grateful for a close parking space." My life is much different now, thanks to Calvin.  I have been with Labor of Love  since they arrived in Waxhaw two years ago.  I  started out with two sessions per week.  Within a short time, I could walk pain-free...I continue to be pain-free.  Calvin now addresses my whole being.  I'm 61.  I am strong.  All my joints move freely.  I stand taller with excellent posture.  He is the "Body Whisperer" and has an uncanny ability. Five stars to Labor of Love...it is exactly as the name implies.  They love and commit to what they do.

    Diane Hook
    Diane Hook Client since 2012
  • Calvin Fleming is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. After working with Calvin the first night almost 6 years ago, I knew he was the "Real Deal!"  His quest for my well-being, whether it’s physical, spiritual, or mental, was a journey that would never end for me or him.  He has taught me that if your mind thinks it, your body can do it and that getting in better shape was more of a mental workout than a physical one.  As we proceed together with this journey, I have gotten stronger and stronger and this change in me has had a positive effect on my family and friends--Wow. Calvin has always used such innovative techniques.  My workouts are always crazy and exciting and tailored just for me!!  And by the way, Calvin never leaves your side during the training.  He also has shown me so many things that can be done at home without any equipment. Stop by and see Calvin and Gezell.  It will change your life, too!.

    Dr. Ray Barone
    Dr. Ray Barone Client since 2009
  • It has been 7 years since I began strength training and stretching with Calvin at Labor of Love. What began as "something different to do" in my exercise life, has turned into the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I was 70 years young when I began working out with Calvin and the changes in my body and strength are amazing. In addition to the benefit to my body, is the benefit to my head. I look forward to going to workout–I see myself getting stronger and my flexibility is great...even my orthopedist and rheumatologist have commented on the changes in my body. When I had a total knee replacement six months ago, Calvin prepared my leg with extra strengthening so that my recovery was easier. SO...his program is for everyone...give it a try...and I hope that you will like it and benefit from it as much as I have.

    Carolyn Hennes
    Carolyn Hennes Client since 2008
  • I heard about Labor of Love Personal Training at the same time that my primary care physician became concerned about my escalating blood sugar levels and said that I might need to begin taking daily insulin shots. This was the first time that I acknowledged the fact that I was diabetic (I was diagnosed two years prior and had been taking oral medications on a haphazard basis) and that I needed to control it and not let it control me. I knew from the first visit with Calvin and his wife Gezell that Labor of Love was the training group for me. In addition to feeling that he knew what he was talking about being impressed with his knowledge and skills, I felt that he was really interested in helping me become the best person that I could be. Additionally, I felt that he had an anointed spirit. He spent over two and a half hours talking with me and a friend about the daily challenges and struggles that we faced balancing our careers with when and what we ate daily, and what kinds or exercises we did, or didn’t do. Calvin then he said we could have a "quick" workout, which lasted for at least another 30 minutes. This man didn’t know me from Adam, didn’t know if he would be working with me on a regular basis, and yet took three hours of his time to focus on my needs. That, to me, a total stranger to him at the time, was impressive! Calvin is a wealth of knowledge about fitness, health and nutrition. He is constantly finding new ways to challenge and motivate his clients. I never know what to expect from one visit to the next, but I always feel safe and he always ensures that I have fun! Additionally, Calvin paired me with a dietitian that has taught me not only what and when I should be eating, but also how to prepare certain foods. This has been a great supplement to the workouts with him. In less than one month, I noticed significant changes in my physical and mental being. As I head toward my 55th birthday, I know that because of the genuine support, motivation and compassion that I receive from Calvin, I'm achieving my weight loss goal and I am a better all around healthier person in the process.

    Timothy Gibbs
    Timothy Gibbs Client since 2009
  • When I was in Jr. High, I could not do the rope climb and in weight-lifting class, I was one of the weakest ones. I could never do a pull-up. After high school, I worked at a Boy Scout summer camp. As part of that, we had to do the rope course. As a team, we had to go over the 12-foot wall. They got me to the top, but I did not have the abs to pull myself over and had to be helped to get my legs over the wall. I did a lot of backpacking and hiking with the Boy Scouts. I went to Philmont, a Boy Scout camp where you backpack from camp to camp doing different activities. I did a lot of biking around my hometown. One of the jobs I did was work on a surveying crew digging post holes and marking boundary lines for a national forest. So I have been fit, but have not had much upper body strength. As most young people, I was never concerned with what I ate. I moved to Charlotte in 1991 and was scared to ride around the streets of Charlotte, so I did not do any bike-riding. I was working at a job doing a lot of long hours there sitting behind a computer. I did not do a lot of cooking, so I would also eat out for most lunches and dinners. The highest I weighed was 268. I decided that I needed to do something about it and started working out with a personal trainer. I did lose some weight. But then, started working out with Calvin Fleming at Labor Of Love. Calvin is the best trainer. When I worked with the other trainers, I did have a heart rate monitor on, but they did not know how to use it and would not check it. Calvin is concerned about safety and knows that if you hurt yourself, it can set you back. Because of this, he would continually keep an eye on it and have me stop or slow down if it was getting to high. Calvin is also good at stretching and making sure you have a balanced workout that other trainers did not do. When I started with Calvin, I was 245 - I am now down to 179, that is over 60 pounds I have lost with Calvin. I have gone from extra large shirts to medium shirts. I have gone from a pant size of 42 to 34. I am a lot more flexible and my balance has improved. I can definitely see that I am stronger, especially in the upper body and abs. He has taught me to listen to and understand my body. He has worked on my posture and I have had people tell me that I look taller. I have done a few 5Ks since I have worked with Calvin. Sometimes you do not see yourself improving, but keep at it. You will look back and see how much you have improved and the time you did not think you where improving, you actually were. Calvin’s workouts are fun and different each time. Sometimes I am boxing; sometimes heavy weights. He may take it outside with just a few pieces of equipment. He also does things differently in the winter than the rest of the year. I have also seen how when I started with him, he worked me out differently than now. When I first started, it was challenging for me, someone who was out of shape. He now trains me as an athlete.

    Craig Mauldin
    Craig Mauldin Client since 2008
  • I had just ended a long-term abusive marriage and was very depressed, drinking & eating too much to attempt at coping with the pain. I had gained a fair amount of weight due to poor coping, which added to my depression. The Holy Spirit arranged for me to meet Gezell Fleming and she told me about Labor Of Love Personal Training (Labor of Love Personal & Group Fitness). I decided to sign up with Labor Of Love Personal Training (Labor of Love Personal & Group Fitness) because I wanted to turn my life around and get healthy in a Christian environment. After my consult with Calvin & Gezell, I felt that God had orchestrated this for my life, and even though I was fearful of committing financially, I trusted that God would provide a way for me to pay for it. (He did, by the way!) At Labor Of Love, I have lost around 20 pounds so far, gotten more limber, lifted weights, played on those big balls (which is great fun!), gained self confidence, have better balance, danced (yes danced!), received valuable wisdom & guidance from both Calvin & Gezell about several aspects of life, been prayed for, encouraged, cried and been comforted & made two very dear friends. Now my life has a different direction – I have health goals and am okay with being on a journey to reach those goals one day at a time. I look forward to the two days a week that I go to LOL and I am always glad I went. I never dread it (even though Calvin does punish me some – LOL – pun intended)!!! The funds I pay to LOL is a bargain to me because so much more than just physical training comes with signing up.

    Sherry McKinney Client 2010-2014
  • Calvin and Gezell and my friends know me as a very competitive tennis player. I average playing at least 4 to 5 times a week, going from indoor, clay, and hard surfaces so that in itself tends to take a toll on the body. I have the good fortune of working in the same building as Calvin and Gezell, but they were there for months before I actually started training. I felt like I needed something to take my game to the next level, so after praying and soul-searching, I knew I needed some help not only for the physical part of my game, but also the mental part. It was then that I realized that the help I needed was right at my fingertips. At this point, I also decided I needed to get into a more healthy lifestyle, so I was on a mission to lose 20 pounds. When I went to see Calvin for my evaluation, he had pointed out the areas we needed to target, and believe me, he was right on. My posture has always been an issue, but no more since I have been training with Calvin. I now stand taller, my body feels stronger, and I have the confidence I’ve never experienced before. My movement on the tennis court, my strength, and my mental game have all fallen into place–I am truly playing the best tennis I have every played--no more intimidation from my opponents because I now say to myself, “Bring it on!” I have been training with Calvin for over a year now and I feel GREAT!!! I will turn 60 this year, but when I get out on the court with 20-, 30-, and 40-year-olds, it just becomes a number to me since Calvin has built up my strength and self-esteem. The workouts are fun and different each time. Calvin and Gezell take the time to listen to you and make your training an enlightening experience. Thank you, Calvin and Gezell, for the "New Me." I must also add that this has been an investment in my health and who doesn't care about their health? Yes, you can go out there to a gym and get perhaps some benefit, but you won’t get the "Whole experience."

    Valerie Link Client 2010-2013
  • At 45 years of age, I had spent virtually my entire adult life letting exercise stay on the back burner when it came to my priorities. Slowly and gradually I had let my entire body musculature atrophy. This atrophy had taken a serious toll on my lower back, as well as my posture, flexibility, and balance. My ability to accomplish anything that required any strength at all had evaporated. Call it a coincidence or a miracle that I found Calvin! I had no previous experience working with a trainer and so I have no basis for comparison, however, I am 100% sure that I stumbled on the best possible trainer that I could have found. Calvin seems to have some natural instinct/insight to know just the right course to bring my body back to health. He is able to work around my weaknesses, all the while making sure that my progress is sure and steady and without any injuries. In just four months I have lost over 15lbs. and over 4” in my waist and, more importantly, feel better than I have in 15 years! I could go on and on with more details but my family and friends agree that they are tired of hearing me go on about the “new me” and how Calvin has changed my outlook and how he has helped me replace bad habits with good ones. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but there is just something about Calvin that inspires! While he must charge for his time, I get the sense that sometimes he wished that he did not have to, as he seems to get so much personal satisfaction and enjoyment for your success. Meeting and working with Calvin is one of the best things to ever happen to me!!

    Neil Hennes Client 2008-2013
  • I cannot write a testimony that would give Calvin the justice he deserves. Calvin & Gezell seemed to know what I needed before I did. I walked through their door two years ago and have been on a personal journey - not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. Calvin has a training style that is second to none. He tailored my workout with lifestyle habits in mind, fitness level, and what my goals were. I never considered my posture and everyday habits when working out. We strengthened muscles for posture and my back pain went away. I was standing up straight and walking with more confidence. My running became easier. As a massage therapist, I had more stamina to take better care of my clients. Calvin just smiles - he knows what is going on and he sees change before we do. Calvin listens to his intuition and leads with his heart. Calvin & Gezell create a safe place for their clients to test their limits and work toward better overall health and well being. They strive to make your inner light shine. In my journey with Calvin, I have learned to love myself and be a healthier role model - mentally & physically - for my daughter. Thank you Calvin & Gezell! Labor of Love has changed my life.

    Jen Cesaro - Triathlete Client 2009-2011
  • Calvin is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Calvin knows exactly how to pinpoint specific areas without bulking me up. His no-nonsense approach to improving my body is what I needed and wanted. He pushes me to levels I thought were unattainable. Calvin’s many years of experience and knowledge show with each of my workouts. I love his unique workout style. Calvin has designed a workout for me that would not aggravate an old knee injury and recent abdominal surgery. Calvin has also helped me change my eating habits. I eat so much healthier now and feel I have better muscle definition to show for it. Calvin offers a “balance” of weight training and cardio like no others. Calvin is very precise to make sure the exercise is being done properly so I receive the maximum benefit from each rep. I never have the next day aching or soreness with Calvin. However, he makes each workout tough enough to make me sweat! His high energy and motivational talk during his workouts keep me committed to working out and pushing through the hardest of days. In six months I’m down from a women’s size 14/16 to a junior’s size 7/8! He is an amazing trainer, person and friend who has helped me more than words can ever describe. Calvin has pride in every client and fully vested in MY success thus far!

    Tanya Kane Client 2008-2009