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If It’s Not Maintainable, It’s Not Sustainable


By Gezell Fleming

When we’re born, our body-account is perfectly balanced – no debits at all. If only we knew how to keep it that way! As we mature, we make debits from our body-account by what we subject our bodies to – athletic endeavors, injuries, food choices, exposure to diseases, etc. Each debit subtracts from our body-account’s original balance.

So there’s no way around it – we WILL have to make payments, sooner or later. The account is always calculating every choice we make every day of our lives. The reality is that we HAVE to purposely make regular deposits into our body-account or we will sustain a deficit. You know the signs of a body-account deficit – aches, pains, recurrent illness, and chronic disease. These are the four (4) payment options we usually choose:

Option 1– Start making small, regular payments early in life to prevent a deficit later.

  • Have an annual exam every year – be aware of your account balance. Ignoring your balance will NOT make it be okay.  It IS what it is.
  • While you’re still feeling good and not feeling any insufficiency in your body-account, CHOOSE to make healthy choices – exercise, adopt a healthy diet, take supplements to boost your immune system, get enough sleep, get a handle on the stress in your relationships and life.

Option 2– Start making large payments later in life. Make large enough payments to prevent a deficit or defray one that has occurred.

  • This is usually the “wake-up call” option. You HAVE to step up the efforts you’ve only thought about doing. Do the steps in Option 1, but on an aggressive scale. You still have time to correct the arrearage in your body-account.

Option 3– Start making payments later in life. Make small payments and pay a balloon payment later.

  • You are FORCED to make payments, but you’re not paying enough. Then one day, you’re faced with a balloon payment that’s immediately due. You may or may not have enough to cover it in time.


  • This is the worse case scenario. If you can’t bring your body-account current, it will be repossessed.


We choose how this plays out. But be aware that if we don’t MAKE the CHOICE, the CHOICE WILL BE MADE FOR US.  MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE TODAY…

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  • Ravon

    That was a great article!

    • Calvin Fleming

      Thanks so much, Sweetie (this is Gezell)! I LOVE to write – I’ve got several other articles that I’ll submit over the next few weeks. Thanks for checking it out!

  • Shirley

    This is one of the best articles I have read in along time.The parable you used was awesome!

  • Tina connell

    I love your simple, sensible approach to living this lifestyle! Whenever I feel tempted to creep back into old patterns I think to myself “what would Calvin and Gezell think”. And I can even see that “look” Calvin gives!!! Thanks guys!!❤️❤️

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